Trudon Just Created An Ultra Dreamy Candle Collection Perfect For Fall — EXCLUSIVE

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Trudon just added a new scent to its The Alabasters line.
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If you're looking for a way to decompress after a long day, and a new skincare formula doesn't quite seem to be the answer, there's nothing better than an opulent candle to instantly boost your mood and make it easy to transition your space from an office back to your cozy home. For those looking to expand their arsenals, Trudon's The Alabasters collection is the company's newest luxurious endeavor, which happens to feature a brand new fragrance, too.

This distinct collection made from alabaster stone retails for $240 a candle and features fan-favorite scents Abd El Kader and Ernesto in this chic and gossamer vessel. But they won't be alone: The third scent, Héméra, is the newest creation to grace the company's bevy of home fragrances. Each of the luxury candles arrives in a milky white jar with the occasional handful of brown veins, thanks to the near-transparent gypsum it's carved from.

If it looks almost cloud-like to you, you're not far off — this particular stone can be rather tricky to work with because of its powdery, delicate consistency, but the payoff is worth it and it's easy to see why the brand decided on such a stone.

"Alabaster is translucent and has a soft, warm touch — it’s not a cold stone, there’s something almost skin-like to it. When you light the candle, it reveals all the intricate details of the stone itself. It’s quite magical," Julien Pruvost, the creative director of Trudon tells TZR over the phone.

To fully embrace its divine nature, Trudon wanted a scent that could powerfully represent the hints of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian influences that are behind the candles' containers, which is how the brand and its perfumer came to Héméra. While the scents aren't necessarily masculine or feminine, Pruvost mentioned that the newest addition sways slightly towards a more feminine angle thanks to a touch of rose.


Héméra still retains deeper woodsy notes, though, like cedarwood and incense — making it a perfect option for your mantel or bedside table now that fall is here. But classics Ernesto, a leather and tobacco scent, and Abd El Kader — a Moroccan mint tea-inspired fragrance — are also equally as fitting for the new season.

Amp up your cozy factor and shop Trudon's most recent release, below.

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