This Night Cream Delivers The Most Perfect Morning Glow


A good night cream is the cherry on top of your evening skin care routine. Simply put, the best nighttime formulas "serve the purpose of sealing in the previous products applied beforehand and moisturizing the skin throughout the night," explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Caroline Chang to TZR. Night creams are typically richer in texture than their daytime counterparts, and of course, do not contain SPF. "Overnight, your skin should be in repair mode," Chang says, explaining that, while you sleep, "your skin is repairing damage from UV light and rehydrating from the moisture loss throughout the day." The products you choose, and the active ingredients they contain are how you help your skin with this natural process.

Choosing a night cream should depend both on your skin type and goals, as well as the season, notes board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Flora Kim to TZR. "Depending on where you are in your skin care journey, you may want to focus on ingredients geared at age-defying, or acne-fighting, or texture smoothing. Also, each season, your skin and its needs will change, so be prepared to adjust the night cream." (Essentially, you may need something heavier to combat cold air and indoor heating in the winter and something lighter, like a gel texture during the warmer months).

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