The $42 Pearl Earrings That’ll Make Every Outfit Look More Expensive


It’s no secret that pearl jewelry is coming back to the surface of the fashion industry’s radars, and lately, everyone’s catching on. But as beautiful as this effortlessly classic trend can be, like any jewelry, it can get expensive — and the prices only seem to be getting higher by the minute. That said, there are plenty of cheap pearl earrings on the market these days that go on to reinforce the idea that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look like you do.

Perhaps you’ve only associated the jewelry trend with the likes of Jackie O., a sartorial relic of the mid-century era if there ever was one. However, pearls have been one of the key details taking over the fashion world in a number of forms for 2019, from various pieces of clothing to hair accessories and more, making it a trend worth adding to your wardrobe for any and all occasions.

While that may be exactly what you want to do, not everyone has the budget to be spending on authentic freshwater pearls (or wants to) on a regular basis. Not to worry, though: There are plenty of affordable options to choose from instead. And, with the undeniable elegance and polish associated with the trend, they’ll easily look exponentially more expensive than the price tag they carry.


Combine two of the biggest jewelry trends of the past year and wear these Baby Pearl Hoops by Ettika, which will give a modern twist to your everyday hoops and only cost $35. Or, if you want to take the trend to the next level, these Baublebar Dafina Pearl Hoop Earrings, which cost $42, will make a statement with every turn of your head along with a touch of luxury.

If you want something that looks even more opulent, these Pearl Detail Earrings from Mango also feature small crystals for that added sparkle. Style them with a pretty evening gown for your next formal occasion and no one will ever guess that they cost $26. Of course, if there’s one pair that every jewelry lover (and any fashion lover, for that matter) should own, it’s a simple pair of classic pearl studs. These Nadri Imitation Pearl Stud Earrings make a perfect option for $30, or if you want something that feels more modern, go with these $36 Shashi Double Earrings, which have a rosy hue to them.

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