The Blush Mistakes Nearly Every Woman Makes And How To Avoid Them

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This one goes without saying. Blush, just like any other pigment, is not one size fits all. Therefore, you must pick the one that flatters your unique skin tone the best in order for it to complement your makeup beautifully. We have a full guide on which blush shade goes best with every skin tone here.

Wearing blush is meant to add a natural, rosy flush to the face. The result meant to be a youthful glow and too much product can actually age you. Packing on a ton of blush can also just make your skin look inflamed and be extremely unflattering. It's definitely a product where less is more.

In addition to choosing the correct shade, you also need to choose the right formula for your skin type. Powders don't look great on everyone, and neither do cream and liquid formulas. Skin with texture such as acne or fine lines should definitely stray away from powder, whereas oiler skin types should avoid liquid formulas.

Many women also don't know which brush to use when it comes to applying blush. A brush that's too large can cause overbearing pink circles on your face, whereas a brush that's too small can cause streak-like lines. Be sure to buy a brush that is made specifically for blush application to prevent any mishaps. As for cream formulas it's best to just use your finger and for liquids a sponge.

Blush should never be applied too close to your nose. Always apply it to the apples of your cheeks and in a circular motion for the best, most natural-looking results. Otherwise you can be left with too much redness rather than accentuating your cheeks.

This may be the biggest culprit of all. You must blend your blush properly if you don't want it to look like absolute blotchy mess. To avoid that doll-like look, make sure to smile as you blend out with your blush, fingers or sponge. If you're having any second doubts, always use a sponge to dab away any excess product.