Here’s How To Decorate Your Home For Halloween Without Being Cheesy (Yes, It Is Possible)


Halloween is one of those holidays that can be, um, tricky (excuse the pun). While you're all for participating in the festivities, so many of the decorative options available are not exactly aligned with an elevated home aesthetic. But don't be spooked – it is possible to find Halloween decorations that aren't cheesy and won't clash at all with your carefully-decorated home.

When it comes to decking your halls for All Hallows' Eve, the key is finding bewitching fixtures that aren't too on-the-nose. Everyone associates pumpkins with the holiday, but that doesn't mean you need fill your space with jack-o-lanterns. Instead, opt for a display of glass or ceramic pumpkins in neutral colors that fit in with your existing décor, like this Pumpkin Pot, which is $38 at Terrain.

In the same vein, be on the look out for sophisticated upgrades to all the hallmark features of Halloween – black cats, skeletons, and spiders – that'll read cool, not campy. Display a spider's web to spook and delight guests via this Spider Web On Glass, $70 from ABC Carpet & Home. For a grown-up spin on a witches brew, keep beverages chill in Pottery Barn's Copper Candy Cauldron used as an ice bucket. It's even on sale right now, for $119.99 instead of $149.

For outdoor décor, keep things simple. Hang a festive wreath on your door, complete with moody florals in shades of deep red and purple to suggest a spooky vibe. Or, hang this artificial Spooky Black Garland, on sale for $49.97 at Crate & Barrel, over your entryway or on your dining table. Small orange and white twinkle lights strung across a patio or wrapped around columns feel seasonally appropriate, but not overly kitschy.

If you're still on the hunt for stylish trimming to decorate your haunt, browse a selection of actually sophisticated adornments below.