These Will Be 2019's Most Popular Fashion Finds


If you're refreshing your wardrobe for a new year, it goes without saying that investing in the classics is a wise idea. After all, you'll always keep sweaters, jeans, and boots in heavy rotation no matter what inclement weather may await. However, when it comes to knowing the more niche, directional must-haves that should be on your shopping list, that's an area that is oft best left to the experts. Though your personal style should always reflect you, it doesn't hurt to hear from a few women who are shaping our industry about the fashionable essentials they're buying for 2019.

As such, the 12 experts below (ranging from footwear designers to stylists to editors to store owners) all weighed in on a specific piece that they're particularly excited about for the new year. The result is a delightful amalgamation of fashion and beauty that's all worthy of a place in your wardrobe to kick off the new year. While you may feel like your holiday gifting situation means you're set when it comes to t-shirts, socks, and scarves, these pieces are a bit more off the beaten path and particularly relevant for the months to come. Scroll down to see which resonates with you and shop your favorite before 2019 arrives.

Rachael Wang, Stylist

"I’m so excited about my zero waste For Days t-shirt membership which allows me to select from a range of organic cotton tees, wear them until they wear out, return the worn out ones which get recycled into new tees, and select new replacement tees."

Christina Tung, Founder Of House Of And SVNR

"I'm excited to explore the CBD world in 2019. I've tried drops from JUNA and 2Rise Naturals, but I'm really looking forward to testing the balancing and hydrating effects of CBD-infused skin care this winter."

Aurora James, Founder And Creative Director Of Brother Vellies

"This is a shoe for the eternal optimist. New years are about a new state of mind. And this one is floaty, free, transparent, supported and sexy—everything I hope to be going into 2019. Also, the concept of pairing this with glittery socks really makes me euphoric."

Lisa Bühler, Founder of Lisa Says Gah

"This is a fun low-priced (made in the US) accessory that can show off all your other beloved products that deserve some attention: that glossier balm, your new planner and sunnies."

Kerry Pieri, Digital Fashion And Features Director at Harpers Bazaar

"I’ve been on the baker boy tip for a few years now, inspired by old Kate Moss images and ‘60s French girls, but Ruslan Baginskiy is elevating the idea and taking it further, redoing the shape in leather and interesting colors. I’m ready for this brown one to update all my easy jeans and little white top looks come spring."

Christina Holevas, Content And Style Editor At Atelier Dore

"My big purchase before 2019 is going to be this leather trench from Stand. I love dressing for winter because as long as you have a cool coat it doesn't really matter what you wear underneath, so outerwear tends to be a good investment for me."

Clémence Polès, Founder Of Passerbuys

"I'm obsessed with this all natural French fragrance called Les Brumes by ORMAIE—the bottles are also so beautiful."

Hannah Baxter, Editor At Coveteur

"I've wanted this coat for YEARS, and was always afraid to pull the trigger, but living in New York means your outerwear game needs to be consistently on point. I scooped it just before the weather turned frigid, and I'm happy to report that a classic shearling bomber never goes out of style."

Florencia Cavallo, Co-Founder Of Golden Edit

“Travel is always at the top of my list, and that’s no different in 2019. There are many exotic locales I want to make it to, so I’ll be investing in a chic beach tote that will take me from one sunny continent to the next. I’m continuously making a conscious effort to purchase fewer pieces that are handmade with love—pieces that are truly special and I know will be with me for years to come”

Coeli Hilferty, co-Owner Of Pilot and Powell

"The Loeffler Randall Juno Mule is my one piece to snag before the new year! I will wear these daily over the temperate New Orleans winter and the metal circle heel feels oh so chic and modern!"

Michelle LeBlanc, Founder And Owner Of MILLE

“As a self-possessed winter hater, I’m already looking forward to warm weather trips and scheming for getaways in 2019. In that spirit, I just snagged a pair of Beatrice Valenzuela’s Monocular Sandalias in Olive. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and they go with everything.”

Sissy Sainte-Marie, Stylist

"I am obsessed with Rosetta Getty's foam print for Resort 2019, especially the jersey midi dress. This print is also appears on a t-shirt, a silk chiffon blouse, a caped maxi dress, opera length gloves and leggings!"

Rosetta Getty