11 Trends To Retire This Spring, According To Fashion Pros


It’s easy to become fatigued by the pace of fashion. Each season, new arrivals hit before you’re ready to accept the change in weather, cult items feel played out after one too many appearances on your Instagram feed, and certain of-the-moment silhouettes start to feel tired after a few too many wears. For fashion insiders, the lethargy can hit even harder since it’s part of the job to preview collections well in advance, meaning they've already seen what will hit stores months down the line. No doubt, the trends to ditch (and adopt) for spring have been top of mind for these industry pros for some time now.

All of that is not to suggest that insiders grow bored of the fashion cycle — far from it! Instead, it serves as proof that even the most trend-driven fashion editors, stylists, and buyers know how to shop the long game, and when it’s time to pause certain crazes in favor of new ones. A savvier approach to seasonal shopping, if you will. In an effort to streamline your closet for the new season, ahead, find out those trends that you may want to retire for good, according to 11 of these fashion insiders. Plus, the new-season looks they deem worthy of buying into. Fashion is so personal that unsurprisingly, each of these industry experts has a unique take (and spoiler alert: they don't all agree). Your shopping cart awaits.

Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director At Shopbop

"I’m going to be ditching anything all-black this season — it’s time to embrace bold colors, animal prints, and tie dye. My go-to look will be a great pair of longer denim shorts, a vibrant tie-dye top, wraparound shielded sunglasses, and an über-comfortable sport sandal."

Erin Walsh, Stylist

"I think neon should retire again. It’s just too... extra. I would like to see people wearing more suiting with mixed and surprisingly flattering proportions. I love Petar Petrov — he has really cool checked prints that feel fresh and great new takes on [timeless] silhouettes [that] always feel feminine but powerful. Monse is also always genius at new, whimsical takes on tailored classics. I love their apron pants — so chic and refreshing. These new takes also give you lots of options in the accessories department. Of course, big earrings always look great — go for Erin Hoops by Jennifer Fisher, when in doubt."

Erica Russo, Vice President And Fashion Director For Accessories And Beauty At Bloomingdale’s

"For spring 2019 I’m looking forward to switching up my prints from leopard to snakeskin. Leopard is a neutral and will never go out of style but this spring I’m loving how snakeskin puts a fresh spin on denim, dresses and accessories — especially in a pop color like red or blue."

Rachael Wang, Stylist

"I'm ready to move past the trend of accumulating tons of disposable fast fashion. What I'm most excited about is investing in quality, ethically and sustainably manufactured pieces that will have more longevity, protect the planet, and provide a living wage for laborers.

I'm also planning to supplement a few bigger ticket investment items with some fun and whimsical pieces sourced second hand from the myriad places that now offer the option to divert previously-loved pieces from landfills by helping them find new adoring homes instead. I love the sensual ‘90s and early ‘00s trend that's percolating and plan to invest in Mara Hoffman's recycled cotton denim bustier dress to be worn with Nomadic State of Mind's Romano sandals, SVNR's one of a kind up-cycled earrings, and a second-hand Stella McCartney oversized vegan leather handbag."

Claudia Mahoney, Head Of Content At The Outnet

"This spring, I’m going to temporarily retire the animal print trend in my wardrobe. Leopard print is the new neutral, but I am going to channel a less overt glamour and buy into the prim trend that we have seen everywhere from Givenchy to Burberry and Stella McCartney. Pairing a double-breasted tailored blazer with a midi skirt and silk blouse, for a more subverted and demurer take on seductive dressing."

Courtney Madison, Stylist

"I’m ready for dad sneakers to retire. Truthfully, I never wore them, but did wear more sneakers last year than I ever had before. I’m ready to take on what I like to call the ‘vacation sandal”. I recently went on my honeymoon in Bali and bought a pair of Birkenstocks and ended up wearing them every single day. I’ve never worn a more comfortable shoe and they now come in so many fun colors. I look forward to wearing these sandals with a monochromatic look with lots of volume to balance out the heaviness of the shoe. I have my eye on this incredible green Solace London look [and] I would play with proportions [by pairing it] with a matching small bag from Rejina Pyo and vintage-inspired glasses by Joseph."

Jessica Raiter, Fashion Director At 11 Honoré

"I’m ready to retire ‘90s Matrix fashion and replace it with feminine florals, which can be worn day to night, with the change of shoes and accessories."

Sarah Schussheim, Stylist

"I wear a lot of casual clothes and have way, way too many hoodies in my closet. For spring, I want to be a bit sharper, more tailored, and more fitted. Of course, still with an oversized piece [like] a boxy blazer."

Celenie Seidel, Senior Womenswear Editor At Farfetch

"For spring, I’m ready to say goodbye to the Matrix trend — I feel that tiny glasses really had their moment and it’s time to move onto something new. One of the Spring/Summer 2019 trends I’m most looking forward to wearing is the waistcoat: My favorite versions are tailored and very neat in fit. I love them as part of a three-piece suit, but for warmer weather I’m excited to wear a waistcoat as part of a layered look.

I love this leather version by MM6 Maison Margiela, which I would wear unbuttoned over this fine knit ochre Jacquemus top and textured Chloé skirt, finished off with Lizzie Fortunato pearl earrings and sculptural heeled mules by Neous. I really like the collision of the neatness of a waistcoat with a more free-spirited aesthetic — this combination of elements feels fresh and new for spring."

Sarah Slutsky, Stylist

"As pretty as they can be...I’m giving up sleeves that prohibit arm movement,” says Slutsky. In their place, try bold-but-unrestrictive silhouettes for a similar impact.

Natalie Kingham, Fashion and Buying Director at MATCHESFASHION.COM

"I am not a fan of trends – I think we are moving more away from trends to a sense of longevity in our dressing and buying to suit our lifestyles and sense of style. However, our top five designers for Spring/Summer 2019 were Valentino, Prada, Molly Goddard, Haider Ackermann and Marine Serre. The common thread running through all of [these brands] is functionality. Anything done, for design sake, doesn’t feel modern — it was all about creating collections that had women’s best interests at heart. Valentino and Haider Ackerman were stand outs for this — the collections looked to embrace the varying and busy lifestyles of women and the need to dress for a number of different occasions and purposes in a day. Flat shoes paired with glamorous dresses offered a sense of escapism, yet still had that appeal of instant wearability. Marine Serre did this particularly well, showing a range of dresses from evening gowns to bold minis and her signature scarf dresses with neoprene flats and trainers and Haider Ackermann, pairing even the more glamorous pieces of the collection with heavy flat boots."