11 Hidden Gems At Sephora Under $25 Beauty Fans Keep Coming Back To

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Sephora stores don't necessarily feel gigantic. You can get from the front door to the back of the store fairly quickly. You can typically find what you're looking for in, oh, 10 minutes. But that's just it — what about what you're not looking for? If you step into the beauty retailer with an open mind and even more open wallet, hunting for hidden gems at Sephora, then suddenly it turns into a labyrinth of lipsticks, skin care, and endless eyeshadow palettes.

Throw in the fact that new products seem to arrive every single day, and it can feel like quite the task to filter through the store's humongous selection. But this is where the retailer's cult appeal steps in; because you are never the only beauty shopper looking through the store, online or IRL. And with great numbers comes a great number of reviews — pushing those previously hidden cult favorites to the top of your shopping radar.

The best part? Although you may visit Sephora to pick up your favorite $125 eyeshadow palette, so many highly reviewed products at the beauty store are under $25 (like this colorful lipstick collection which retails for just $8 per tube). Which means that finding affordable beauty products at Sephora is easier than you'd ever think, too.

To get started, just keep on scrolling. Below, 11 hidden gems you can shop at the beauty store all under $25.

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