Reviewers Swear These Are The Best Vitamin C Serums Out There

Hyper Skin / Instagram
Hyper Skin's vitamin C serum is one of many highly regarded serums.

It's hard to cut through the hype that hovers around most skincare products these days. Social media posts and magazine pages may wax lyrical about the newest serum or lushest face mask, but knowing if it's actually worth dropping money on can be difficult. So, to help you out, you can start with this whittled-down list of the top-rated vitamin C serums, all of which have the reviews, ratings, and ingredients to back them up.

While this buzzy antioxidant has been taking over bathroom shelves and collecting SKU codes at hundreds of companies, you might be wondering what it even does. Vitamin C is known mostly for its ability to give you a "glow." This is achieved through a variety of things, mostly its ability to help re-texturize your skin; heal damage caused by stress, pollution, and the sun; and reverse signs of premature aging, making it a pretty snazzy product worthy of being in your lineup.

But like many oversaturated products out there, vitamin C serums are kind of like chocolate bars — it's easy to say yes to any of them, but some really are just better than others. To help you weed through the (endless) pages of pump bottles and droppers, you can shop the top-rated C serums that actually brighten, fight free radicals, and give you that glow, below.

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