The Game-Changing Plus-Size Bodysuit That I Can Dress Up Or Down

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Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, I only shopped for lingerie twice a year. The Lane Bryant Semi-Annual sale was the only time that I could afford to purchase bras and panties that fit my plus-size figure... and as a struggling college student, a plain black $38.50 Balconette bra was a huge splurge. Back then, there weren't many options for plus-size lingerie. The fast fashion brands that offered extended sizing often pushed very cheap, flimsy designs that would shred into tiny pieces after a couple of washes. And the higher-end brands were way outside of my price point. So I'd have to make my makeshift sets stretch for months at a time, supplementing my wardrobe with cotton undies from Target here and there. It was a sad, sad time.

Now, my lingerie drawer overfloweth. Thankfully, there are more brands with options for every aesthetic and price point. I still get the coverage and support that I prefer, but now, I don't have to opt for boring black basics all of the time. Which, in my opinion, is the happiest ever after... ever. Below, I'm sharing a few of the favorites I'ved discovered.

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Plus-Size Lingerie: Bras

Like I mentioned before, I prefer a bra with fuller coverage because I have a full bust. I still wear my old fave, the balconette, pretty often — but now that there are advancements in this space, I've had fun experimenting with different necklines and lengths, too. This bright orange option from Cuup reminds me of pre-pandemic summertime nights, while the floral longline from Cacique is just pretty. Do I need further explanation here?

Plus-Size Lingerie: Bodysuits

I'm only wearing the same three hoodies right now, but should the opportunity to dress up present itself, I wouldn't mind a bodysuit. It's a versatile piece that offers support and a plethora of styling options. I could see myself teaming these with chunky sweaters or underneath a blazer.

Plus-Size Lingerie: Nudes

Another advancement in lingerie? Nudes that aren't just offered in variations of the same pasty tan hue. To be frank, I don't think I've ever tried a bra or panty that melted into my dark brown skin tone. But Love, Vera and Nubian Skin, two Black-owned brands, have me and my melanin friends covered. I do wish that Nubian Skin's options were offered in more sizes, but I hear that its pieces have lots of stretch.

Plus-Size Lingerie: Robes

On days where my camera stays off, I always like to work in a silk robe. No real reasoning here ... it just feels good. I've had this black lace robe from Torrid for about six years, and it still looks and feels great even after plenty of wear. And this pretty Kim + Ono number begs to be paired with a luxurious face mask and a glass of wine.