10 Outfits From 'The Nanny' That We'd Totally Wear Today

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Right now, it's more than understandable to be nostalgic for happier times. And with binge-watching fully at the top of everyone's in-doors agenda, the iconic '90s sitcom series The Nanny has reemerged in relevance at the perfect time. Fran Fine, played by equally iconic Fran Drescher, is known as "the flashy girl from Flushing" with the sassy attitude and drool-worthy wardrobe to prove it. And though it's no secret the throwback show is a landmine of style inspo, these iconic outfits from The Nanny are among the top must-see fits from its archives. Running for a total of six seasons, the series is packed with historic moments (including but not limited to the fashion) like special celeb cameos and Drescher's signature style, like her curve-hugging mini dresses and remarkably teased voluminous hair.

Though screenshots of Fran's outfits have undoubtedly made respective rounds on your Explore page before, the characters fashion is more enviable now than ever despite the series conclusion happening over two decades ago now in '99. In fact, there's even an Instagram admiration account, @WhatFranWore, that breaks down her best looks for more than 300k followers and recently partnered with the shopping platform Thrilling to curate a Nanny-inspired vintage clothing collection. And though an antique piece is special, there's plenty of new designer pieces that are shop-able now. Ahead, you'll find Fran-approved outfits inspired by just ten of her top fashion moments.

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