The One Thing You Need To Take Your Evening Bath-Time Routine To The Next Level

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These 10 bath bombs, fizzies, beads, and cubes will make your post-work stress relief session even m...
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With 2020 already shaping up to be a whirlwind year, it's more important than ever to maintain a healthy self-care routine. It could be as simple as drinking water, detoxing from social media, or making sure you're getting enough veggies despite being too exhausted to cook most days. To some, it looks more like popping a luxe bath bomb into the tub and sinking in with a glass of red and an escapist novel.

Bubble baths serve all kinds of purposes: aromatherapy, hygiene, a temporary reprieve from the stresses of daily life. The simple act of soaking in hot water itself has been proven to relieve muscle tension, and when you add essential oils into the mix, you might as well be getting an all-out spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

There has never been a more compatible combination than a bottle of pinot, a Diptyque candle, and a bath bomb. While you can snag one of these spherical mixtures of goodness from the nearest box store, some days require something beyond what Target can provide.

Tuck these luxe bath bombs away for high-anxiety days like you would lock up your best bottle of bubbly for a special occasion.

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Chill Pills For Your Bath

Made from a skin-loving blend of hemp, jojoba oil, and safflower seed oil, Ouai's fizzy, jasmine-scented mini bombs — i.e. Chill Pills — are your topical relaxation remedy.

A Mineral Soak Made With CBD

Combining beauty's buzziest ingredient, CBD, with one of its oldest, Epsom salt, this soothing and moisturizing square bomb is as original in makeup as it is in shape.

Fresh's Sugar Lychee Sugarbath Cubes

Clean beauty lovers rejoice: You could make Fresh's natural bath cubes from the brown sugar and baking soda in your kitchen. But then again, that would defeat the purpose.

The Perfect Pre-Bedtime Bomb

Nothing will put you to sleep quite like a nice long soak and the scent of lavender dew for an extra dose of relaxation. Your body will thank you for the subsequent zzzs.

This Lunar-Inspired Set Of 4

Everything about the bath tea and bomb brand Moonergy revolves around moon phases and lunar cycles. The four bombs that come in this kit represent releasing for the waning moon, transforming for the new moon, manifesting the waxing moon, and receiving for the full moon. Each one comes with its own lunar guide so you can read while you soak.

A Hemp Bomb From Mary's Nutritionals

CBD has become a skin care favorite because of its widely hailed anxiety-ridding properties, but did you know that cannabidiol also helps to energize the senses and balance out complexion? You'll recognize every ingredient in this au naturel bomb, down to the mica-derived dye.

Mer-Sea & Co.'s Tropical-Scented Trio

There will be times when sparing 20 minutes for a self-care bath will be out of the question. To elevate the bathing experience of busier days, you can simply pop one of these steamers in the shower and it'll let off the most delicious coconut sugar aroma. It's also available in white flowers and aloe agave.

Essential Oil-Filled Beads

Not to be confused with the Vitamin E capsules you keep in your medicine cabinet, these tiny gel beads are filled with antibacterial clary sage oil, moisturizing jojoba oil, and Vitamin E-, D-, and C-rich grapeseed oil, all packaged up in a vegan gelatin-alternative casing.

This Cashmere Milk Fizzy By Weekends & Chocolate

An $8 bath fizzy has never looked so chic. This soothing bath bomb — made from avocado, coconut, and sweet almond oils — comes in three scents: Cashmere Milk, Flower Bubbles, and Morning Zen.

Milk + Honey's Stress-Relieving Bomb

Beneath the star scents of these bath bombs — among them pink grapefruit, lavender, blood orange, and lemongrass — is a hint of fresh eucalyptus, famed for its stress-relieving properties (hint: the perfect after-work treat).

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