10 Eco-Friendly Beauty Gifts To Add To Your Holiday Wishlist

Eco-friendly beauty gifts, perfume, and skin care

It kicks off around the beginning of November: the not-so-subtle holiday gift inquiries. The incoming texts from family members, asking which perfume you wore that one time — and oh, do you happen to own it? The Instagram posts, forwarded via DM by significant others, gauging your interest in whichever products are lining the picture's virtual shelf. This timing can be tricky for anyone interested in unwrapping eco-friendly beauty gifts once the holidays arrive; scouting out products that center style and sustainability is more time consuming than simply clicking over to a beauty retailer's top-sellers page.

And in case you are already receiving demands to email over a wishlist, keep on reading. Ahead are 10 fan-favorite, eco-friendly beauty products that you'll definitely want to add to your list — ranging from under-$20 stocking stuffers to a $145 body and massage oil that's almost too pretty to use. Each one approaches being environmentally friendly in a unique way, as well, allowing you to opt for the technique that resonates with you; like Lush's recycling program, PYT Beauty's microplastic-free glitter, or Aether Beauty's almost completely recyclable eyeshadow palette — which is made primarily from paper.

So, the next time someone in your family asks which perfumes you like — no reason, just asking! — you'll be prepared. Below, 10 beauty products that are as environmentally friendly as they are chic.