10 Unexpected Trends To Try Before Everyone Else Does


Have you ever had the sudden urge to ask a stranger where they bought something especially quirky and cool? Maybe it was a beautiful straw bag you'd never seen before, or a pair of statement earrings that caught the light, or simply a mixed-print dress that you realized you needed in your own closet. This type of unusual find is either vintage, or it derives from the rise of a quirky or eccentric trend, and in 2019 there are plenty of new ones to put on your radar. These styles are unexpected enough to elicit a gasp, smile, or chuckle, but still happen to be completely wearable — at least by trendsetter standards. Whether it's someone you see on the street that inspires you, or a snap on Instagram you bookmarked for later, don't be afraid to make the leap from loving to buying those eccentric pieces that you've been eyeballing for the future.

Ahead, discover ten of such aforementioned pieces that feel modern and playful. You'll find a pair of cherry-bedecked earrings that'll make you put your classic gold hoops to rest, a layering combination that's not exactly safe for work (but plenty cute anyways), and an accessory trend your grandmother would give her stamp of approval on. Now, see and shop these eccentric items to enliven your summer wardrobe all season long.

Socks and Sandals

The only thing better than a pair of summer's strappy low-heel sandals are those sandals accessorized with snazzy sheer socks. It's an easy way to take your outfit up a notch in a subtle-yet-effective way.

Eyeglass Chains

Make your grandma proud and embrace the glasses chain trend, one that's equal parts practical and cool. Thankfully, a ton of chic brands are doing their own iterations right now with textural elements like beads and shells.

Heeled Flip Flops

Just when you thought the sporty 'tourist' sandals trend was as wacky as it could get, heeled flip flops enter the scene. Don't overthink it, just give them a try.

Reworked Denim

Swap out your classic blue jeans for a pair that's been reworked in an unexpected way. Whether it's by way of a deconstructred waist or uneven hems, there are so many ways to try out this trend.

Tie-Dye Separates

'Tis the summer of tie-dye, they say! This psychedelic pattern is about as quirky as they come, but thankfully it's also thoroughly wearable and looks fantastic styled with denim and khaki.

Retro Scarf

Unearth your favorite silk scarves from the dresser and fasten them around your head for a retro-inspired look. It's a cool nod to '60s and '70s style while simultaneously looking oh-so-modern.

Bra Over Top

Still haven't tried the bra-over-top trend? Don't worry, it's not too late. This quirky layered look is the combination that keeps on giving thanks to the fact you can try it about a million different ways.

Ultra-Padded Headband

Skip the regular headband and go for an ultra-padded version that sits higher up on your head. It not only comes across as regal, but also assists on bad hair days — win, win.

Fruit Motifs

Everyone's swapping their floral prints for fruit these days, and right now a pair of citrus earrings is the way to go. Buh-bye, basic hoops.


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