This Is How You Should Be Wearing A Dress And Boots Right Now

Pants may be the de rigueur choice when winter rolls around and the possibility of bare legs sounds mildly terrifying. But, there are only so many days you can whip out the same pair of jeans before you just need to switch things up. Floaty dresses may be better suited to spring and summer, but when styled appropriately, it turns out they can be a solid option for cold weather, too. A necessary swap for pulling them off this time of year: ditching sandals and mules for sturdier boots. The best boots to wear with dresses will keep your feet protected when things start to get chilly — no tights necessary.

This season, there are five key combinations to try when you're feeling like there's no way you can wait until March to wear your favorite dress again. Some might be ale to survive below-freezing temps, and others should be reserved for those days when it's a balmy 45 degrees. And, if you're still feeling particularly desperate, you can always layer a turtleneck underneath your dress of choice or bundle up with a sweater and jacket on top. While there's no promising this will be an easy winter to get through, if there's one thing to look forward to, it's the fact that you'll look great out there braving the cold.

Sweater Dress + Polished Boots


A cozy sweater dress is the perfect piece to wear with a pair of sophisticated calf-height boots. A textured knit contrasts the buttery leather, and the overall effect is a sleek office-appropriate ensemble that will actually manage to keep you warm too. Since sweater dresses can sometimes sag or bunch, try belting yours to add a bit more shape at the waist.

Contrasting Colors


Don't resign yourself to neutrals just because the weather is subdued. Punch things up by mixing and matching high-saturation hues: reds, oranges, purples, blues — no Pantone pick is off limits. To keep your look from feeling too gimmicky, try to keep your look to two or three colors total by opting for accessories in the same color family.

Printed Midi + Over-The-Knee Boots


Jewel-tone plaids fit the bill for both fall and holiday dressing, so for a dress that feels on trend for the current season, try a midi style in a funky check. For both warmth and to balance out the punchy print, opt for an over-the-knee boot in sleek black. Leather will hold up to the elements, but you can always weather-proof suede if it's more to your liking.

Black Maxi + Western Boots


If you haven't gotten on board with the western trend just yet, it's still not too late. Cowboy-inspired boots are poised to remain a popular choice in the coming months. Instead of going full on wild west with a denim outfit, try paring your boots down with a simple long sleeved black dress. With the addition of a cool shoulder bag and maybe a pair of statement earrings, you'll be good to go.

Floral Dress + Lace-Up Boots


Break out those florals for winter, and try styling a typically springy dress with a pair of cool lace-up boots. If your dress is in a lighter material like chiffon or silk, consider layering a warm turtleneck under your look, or throwing a chunky knit on top.