Zara's Sister Brand Has A Ton Of Under-$100 Spring Basics

Massimo Dutti

Basic. It's a seemingly harmless word that pops up time and time again. Most often it's used to describe the clothes even a staunch minimalist keeps in their closet: fitted button-downs, unassuming trousers, the perfect white T-shirt. You know, basics. But for a certain shopper — those who prefer all things maximalist — it's a word to avoid at all costs. That's where the affordable spring basics from Massimo Dutti come in; whether you pull from a capsule wardrobe each morning or spend an hour sorting through just your jeans, Zara's sister brand has something for you.

The thing is, having a collection of well-made basics in your wardrobe makes your statement pieces shine that much brighter. You could pair anything you want with sculptural, trendy cinched trousers or a fringe-trimmed western jacket; but a simple — and basic — white cotton button-down will let those pieces have all the attention they deserve. And it doesn't hurt that the shirt is marked down to $49.90 from its original $79.90 price thanks to Massimo Dutti's Mid-Season Sale.

Massimo Dutti's basics are far from boring, too. If you need a little extra something with your button-down, but don't want to overwhelm your outfit, look for one of the brand's subtly-detailed pieces; like this 100 percent linen shirt with ties accenting the cuffs.

Massimo Dutti

For only $69.90 and with such a seemingly low profile, this is a staple you're guaranteed to keep coming back to. It'd look great with jeans of any color thanks to the soft, neutral linen; you could tuck it into a simple black pencil skirt and still have a certified outfit thanks to the feminine ties at the sleeves. And because of the material, you can wear it throughout the year — the lightweight linen won't be too constrictive once summer turns the temperatures up.

And those are just two white button-downs; Massimo Dutti has so much more to offer. Keep scrolling for ten stylish, closet-completing basics — tops, bottoms, and accessories — you can find at Massimo Dutti for under $100.