The $25 Body Butter That Keeps Me Hydrated Underneath All My Winter Layers
by Shelby Ying Hyde
Courtesy of @theshelbyying

Finding the right combination of products to protect my skin from the cold is a task, to say the least. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across Sabon beauty products, which include a wide range of cold-weather skincare essentials that I now rely on to get me through the winter months without flaky and dry skin. Bonus: They also protect against other harsh elements like pollution — and New York City has no shortage of that.

An Israeli-based beauty heavy hitter, Sabon is known for its natural formulas and bold scents. The brand offers plenty of options for both your medicine cabinet and aromatherapy lineup — think candles, oil diffusers, and fabric fresheners. But as an admitted Sabon convert, it's the skincare line that really drew me in, as products like the 3-in-1 Facial Mud Scrub Mask serve several different purposes (hydrate, exfoliate, and condition) in one. This shaves off a few steps of my skincare routine but doesn't skimp on the level of protection to fight off the elements of the day.

Instead of spending time sifting through thousands of brands, ahead, I've rounded up some of my personal favorites from Sabon that you need in your own lineup.