3 Types Of Stationery Every Grown Up Should Own

You’re not alone if currently you have at least 3 outstanding thank you notes hanging over your head. Procrastinating will not make this chore go away, however a pretty personalized stationery set might be just the inspiration you need to help you crank ’em out. If the arrival of fall has you in the mood to get your desk sorted and stock up on some pretty paper, we have some ideas for you. To advise on the essentials every grown-up should own, we enlisted Julie Van Daele, founder of uber-chic stationery line Well Received. Here, 3 types of paper you should have on hand this fall before the holidays arrive. And yes, when it comes to thank you notes, the saying is 100% true: better late than never.

Take Note

Photo: @well__received

Keep Thank You Notes Everywhere

"It’s always necessary to have a stack of thank you notes for any and every occasion! I personally love using thank you notes for the unexpected. One of my favorites is to use thank you notes as place cards at dinner parties and write people a simple note thanking them for the role they play in my life! Just ask all 150 of my wedding guests what they received at their place setting!"

Photo: Well Received

Always Bring Postcards On Vacation

"I can’t begin to tell you my love for postcards and how necessary they are in your life! Postcards are a fantastic way to share your journey with others in a personal and thoughtful way. How great is it to know someone is thinking of you while they are away? Also, postcards serve as great memories for you from all your travels and can be incorporated into a cool art piece in your home, a beautiful framed series or anything else you choose."

Photo: Well Received

Use Monogrammed Stationery For Longer Letters

"I always like to have simple and customized stationery for sending a professional letter. The hand-written portion shows your sincerity and the personalized part keeps things classy and understated. Plus you have a ton of clean room to write more!"

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