9 Things Every Girl Boss Does Before 9AM

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If you find yourself hitting snooze approximately 10 times before finally rolling out of bed, frantically digging through your closet to find an outfit and then doing your makeup/eating breakfast during your drive to work, your mornings may need an overhaul. After all, your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. To be more successful at #life, try these tried-and-true tricks. Here, nine things successful women do before 9am.

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The Morning Routines Of Successful Women

This doesn't necessarily have to be a workout. Even just some light yoga or going for a walk can help you get your blood flowing, reduce stress and boost your mood. (Although, you definitely get bonus points for knocking out a spin class or 5-mile run at the crack of dawn.)

Learn these two words: sleep inertia. Hitting snooze messes with your circadian rhythm, which can cause you to be groggy and disoriented. And this sleep inertia can take two to four hours to shake. That does not a productive morning make, which is why #girlbosses have trained themselves to get up when their alarms go off.

Breakfast is literally the fuel you need to start your day. Every #girlboss worth her annotated day planner makes the time to eat a healthy meal in the morning—no brain fog for these boss ladies.

The benefits of to-do lists have been well documented. They can help you not only plan your day, but also allow your brain to not be filled with as much clutter, which can drastically reduce your stress.

The power of positive thinking: Successful women know how to hype themselves up in the morning. Starting your day with a pep talk will focus your energy and help you channel your inner Wonder Woman.

Girl bosses don't live in constant fear of their news alerts; they make sure to stay informed about the important issues, and take the time to read through their favorite news sites to stay up to date.

Girl bosses are never dehydrated. After all, side effects of dehydration include headaches and dizziness—not conducive to being a baller at life. Bonus points if you start your morning off with hot water and lemon.

This harkens back to that tip about not hitting snooze. Is there any worse feeling than being rushed out the door in the morning? Calm that frenetic, chaotic energy by making sure you have ample time to get ready in the morning.

Adding one thing into your morning that makes you happy—whether it's taking the time to read a book while drinking your coffee or even catching up on an episode of television—can make your entire day that much more enjoyable.