16 Women-Owned Home & Decor Businesses That Should Be On Your Radar, According To Yelp

In honor of Women's History Month.

Goodies L.A. / Courtesy of Yelp

With the start of Women's History Month, you may be looking for ways to support female-owned businesses while putting your money toward small or local companies. Yelp is helping its users do just that. In honor of the annual celebration, the crowd-sourced review app has put together a "Ones To Watch" list for home and decor businesses in 2021, putting the spotlight on women who are breaking barriers and just generally creating products and services people can't get enough of.

According to Yelp, there's also been an increase in demand that helped drive this important spotlight. "Since its launch in 2019, more than 280,000 businesses have adopted our women-owned attribute, and consumer interest in women-owned businesses was up 2,739 percent in 2020 compared to 2019," noted the brand in a blog post announcing the list.

Thanks to that, Yelp's data science team worked together to identify companies with that attribute in categories such as “home decor,” “handyman,” and “home organization” to identify some of the most noteworthy female-owned names on its platform. From there, it narrowed down the contenders based on factors like ratings and national presence, and then manually curated the final lineup to identify the trendsetters you should be watching in this space in 2021.

54Kibo / Courtesy of Yelp

Finally, it settled on a list of 16 women-owned businesses across industries including roofing and home repairs, furniture and housewares, organization, and more. The names include ones you may be familiar with, and some you have yet to discover — but all are worthy of your attention and support this year (and beyond). Ahead, Yelp's full "Ones to Watch" selection for 2021 in the home and decor category for you to start perusing.