8 Gym Bag Essentials Every Woman Should Own

So you finally purchased that gym membership, bought yourself some cute Flyknits and are ready to commit to working out. (For real, this time.) Here, the basics you need in your bag when you’re up in the gym just working on your fitness.

Sweaty Betty

First, you need a stylish gym bag.

Don't forget a water bottle: This one's cute, functional and it'll also keep your wine chilled (not while you're at the gym, obviously).

If you're going outside, grab protection. This version of Fresh's cult-favorite lip balm contains SPF; it can also be used on your face should you find yourself in a sunscreen pinch.

Because extra hair ties are a legitimate necessity.

These clean protein bars are the perfect pre- or post-gym snack.


No time for a full shower? These biodegradable wipes will help you freshen up, thanks to antibacterial neem and peppermint.

It's hard to work out without tunes. These pretty and functional wireless headphones are adjustable so they stay put, even during your most intense sweat sessions.


A must: This natural deodorant is one of the only ones we've found that lasts through sweaty workouts.


This so-soft towel is our go-to; it's super absorbent and helps mask sweaty odors.


These thinly padded workout gloves will help protect your hands while lifting weights (no, it won't make you bulky!), doing pull-ups or essentially any activity that requires grip.