6 Fitness Swaps To Try If You Hate Working Out

We all know working out causes a spike in endorphins and endorphins make you happy, but some of us still struggle to motivate ourselves into a sweat session. But because health is you know, rather important, we found a few fitness classes capable of enticing even the most disinterested or those who’ve hit a slump (or the holiday treats a little too hard). Reinvigorate your routine with these swaps that’ll break you out of your comfort zone and kick you into high gear.

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Work. It. Out.

While touted as a top-notch form of cardio, running can easily stress joints due to the repetitive impact. Instead, try a cycling class for similar intensity with less strain—and an average burn of 600 calories per session.

Classes we love: SoulCycle, FlyWheel, Peloton, Cyc Fitness.

Yoga yields incredible strength and sculpting, but some consider it a total snooze. A barre class will focus on small muscle groups to build total body strength, and you can choose a cardio-infused version to up the ante.

Classes we love: Pure Barre, Physique 57, Barre3, The Bar Method.

Weight lifting is highly effective for burning fat and building muscle but can be intimidating without a trainer (not to mention the fear of bulking up). Whether done on a mat or reformer, Pilates lengthens and tones the body. Breathing is a chief component that helps steady the mind with each challenging movement—a skill we can all use in daily life.

Classes we love: New York Pilates, Flex Studios, Carrie's Pilates Plus.

A boot-camp-style regimen is known to be hard core but ideal for those who thrive on intensity. If you're drawn to cross training but could do without the drill sergeant, try boxing—it's high-intensity and crazy challenging but a bit more fun. Results include muscle definition, improved cardiovascular endurance and overall coordination and balance. It's also killer on the abs in place of tedious crunches.

Classes we love: Title Boxing Club, Aerospace, Dogpound, Gotham Gym, Prevail.

So, you hate cycling (and probably running and hot yoga) but still need to feel the burn. Power yoga is your solution. This low-intensity yet highly effective form of exercise is great for stamina and strength, simultaneously toning small muscle groups, increasing flexibility and improving posture. Burning an average of 200 calories per hour, it's a great way to de-stress in a livelier environment and is perfect for a broad range of ages when too much intensity is a no-go.

Classes we love: Y7, Core Power Yoga, Power Yoga.

Zumba is great when you want to let loose, but for some it feels a little hokey. Cardio sculpt is another option for those inclined to dance their way healthy. Often rhythm-based, classes are designed to energize through isolated movements combined with routine-style cardio. A win-win for movers and shakers.

Classes we love: Body By Simone, AKT in Motion, Tracy Anderson, modelFIT.