5 Superfoods You Need To Know (And Try) In 2018

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Between the holiday feasts and the New Year’s Eve champagne toasts, we’ve all done our fair share of overindulging recently. That said, we’ve got a game plan in place to help balance out said indulgence: mastering workouts that can be done in front of the TV, making healthy swaps wherever possible and getting better acquainted with a few superfoods that will boost immunity, beautify our skin and even help reduce stress. To check that last important point off our list, we’ve teamed up with Daily Harvest to create a customized box of bowls, smoothies and other healthful treats packed with ingredients that will get our bodies functioning better. The exclusive box, which can be ordered here, has all the buzz-worthy superfoods we’ll be incorporating in 2018—which you can learn more about below. And the best news? We’ve got a sweet deal for you: Enter the code ZOEREPORT and get three cups free in any first-time order. Here’s to a healthy new year!

Daily Harvest


You've probably heard that chocolate is actually good for you (and not just from that little voice inside your head), and it's true, thanks to cacao. The purest form of chocolate, this superfood is a great source of antioxidants, iron and magnesium, plus it can actually calm the nervous system by increasing your serotonin. You can get all of cacao's benefits in the box's Cold Brew + Almond Smoothie, Cinnamon Protein + Banana Overnight Oats and Quinoa + Chipotle Harvest Bowl.

Daily Harvest

Hemp Seeds

No, they won't get you stoned, but hemp seeds can help you maintain a healthy weight by keeping you feeling full and curbing sugar cravings. Besides that, they're super high in fiber, which will keep your digestive system moving along like a champ. Hemp seeds happen to be one of the beneficial ingredients in the Blackberry + Majik Chia Parfait.

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If you love Indian food, you've probably already consumed a fair amount of this yellow-hued superfood. But maybe you've not yet been informed of its killer ability to fight inflammation, keeping your joints and gut happy. In addition to Indian cuisine, you can find this ingredient in the Turmeric + Lemongrass Soup.

Daily Harvest

Reishi Mushrooms

Traditional Chinese medicine has used this superfood for its health benefits for centuries, and now it's becoming more recognized in the Western world. Reishi is an adaptogenic herb, which means it can help your body adapt—in this case, to stress by regulating cortisol. Enjoy this mushroom's chilling out properties by sampling the Cinnamon Protein + Banana Overnight Oats.

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Blue Majik

It's hard to believe such a bright blue color can come from nature, but this superfood—which is an extract from spirulina—is the real deal. Blue Majik is packed with vitamins (like B12), minerals and antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Give it try by snacking on the Blackberry + Majik Chia Parfait.

Head to Daily Harvest to and enter code ZOEREPORT to get three free cups free in any first-time order!