The One Food You Should Never Eat, According To A Celeb Trainer

Our girl Reese Witherspoon is really living her best life these days—the multi-hyphenate is killing it in all areas, including her health and wellness routine. Her trainer, Ashley Borden, offered some insight into the latter during an interview with MindBodyGreen. Ashley detailed her three best get-fit tips, and while we don’t exactly relish the idea of giving up sweet stuff (more on that in a sec), there’s no denying that her advice is super helpful for those of us looking to improve our health.

Her first tip: Cut out sugar. Seriously, say goodbye to it. “That includes alcohol sugar,” says Borden, twisting the knife even deeper. “Sugars are inflammatory and trigger more sugar cravings, along with increasing inflammatory cortisol levels, which cause belly fat.”

In better news, she does favor getting extra sleep over working out—so you basically (but not really) have Reese’s blessing to hit snooze the next time you stayed out too late and foolishly thought you’d still make that 6am spin class. “I always tell my clients that I would rather them get sleep instead of working out on four hours of sleep. Studies have shown that between seven-and-a-half and eight hours of sleep every night helps the body repair itself and regulate inflammation in the body,” she explains. Note: We assume this only applies in once-in-a-while situations, not to be used as an excuse to never work out.

Lastly, she says to get moving in the outdoors. Yes, go outside. “Nature can free you from your mirror obsession and connect you to the movement that your body is capable of instead, thus evoking more physical gratitude than criticism,” she says. Plus, you get vitamin D. We’re sold.