This Is The MOST Fun Way To Eat Your Greens

First, LA-based juice slinger Pressed Juicery got us to eat our greens by spiking them with punchy ginger, tropical fruits and citrus in their delicious bottled concoctions. Then, they made things even sweeter with the introduction of their Freezes, soft-serve style versions of their juices that you can top with shredded coconut, berries or drizzled almond butter. And now the best-selling juice brand has teamed up with high-end candy company Sugarfina for a treat that’s got us happily having a second (or more like a 15th) helping of leafy greens. Today, both brands announced the launch of their Green Juice Bears, a concept Surgarfina initially came up with as an April Fool’s joke last year but was actually met with so much positive feedback they decided to make it a reality (bless them). The gummies, which you can buy on the candy retailer’s site or in their pretty boutiques, come in full-size bottles ($14), half bottles ($6.50), shots ($3), and even a cheeky, faux-cleanse pack—which, naturally, is already sold out. You can also sample the vitamin-packed goodies at any of Pressed Juicery’s locations. We’re not saying these adorable gummy bears should replace anyone’s daily green drink, but they’d make totally great gifts for your healthy foodie friends—and they won’t leak all over their leather bag (not that we’d know from experience or anything).