Everything At This Healthy Grocery Store Is Only $3

To say healthy eating is expensive is kind of redundant—quality ingredients cost more. Until today, we had resigned ourselves to hemorrhaging our paychecks on organic and non-GMO fare. But then, like something out of a SoulCycle fever dream, Brandless appeared.

This new online grocery store offers an assortment of food, beauty and household items for $3 or less. If you just pulled out your eyeballs, cleaned them off and did a double take like a cartoon character, same. And it somehow gets better. All the food is non-GMO and the vast majority of it is organic; its beauty products aren’t tested on animals and are free of more than 400 harmful ingredients; its household cleaners are non-toxic; everything is made with sustainability and transparency in mind. Slow. Clap.

You want 12 ounces of organic quinoa? $3. Ballpoint pens made with recycled materials? $3. Organic black beans? You can get three cans for—wait for it—$3.

The company works directly with suppliers and cuts out the middleman, which is why it’s able to keep everything so inexpensive.

Raise a shot of apple cider vinegar, for we now live in a world where you can buy organic coconut oil for less than a unicorn Frappuccino and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Check out the other offerings on Brandless.com.