The Surprising Reason You Actually Need A Pillowcase Made From Pure Silver

On June 16, your current bedding will officially become a low-tech artifact from the past. A Kickstarter project named Silvon, which is about to be crowd-funded with nearly half a million dollars, aims to create self-cleaning sheets and pillowcases made from pure silver. According to the creators of Silvon, studies have shown that the bacteria found on the average pillowcase between washes is no different than that found on a toilet. (We apologize in advance for having just ruined your night.) To solve this problem, Silvon pillowcases are to be made from silver-coated fabric, which its founders purport will be 99.9% effective at “controlling the bacteria on your pillowcase,” with or without the aid of soap or other traditional cleaning materials. According to Silvon, silver is even used by NASA for its anti-bacterial properties. If you’re interested in the science behind how these silver-infused pillowcases will regularly break down bacteria, you can learn more here.

Though sleeping on silver doesn’t sound particularly comfortable, the company says it’ll be woven into soft Supima cotton, which is sustainably made in the U.S. Once the Kickstarter closes and the pillowcases become a reality, they will retail for around $45 each and yes—you definitely need one.