Apparently We Should Be Eating A Lot More Of This Food

We’ve already established that kale is gross, and luckily it appears another superfood is poised to depose it from its leafy, stringy, generally inedible throne. That brave superfood is: mushroom.

Goop talked to Tero Isokauppila, founder and president of Four Sigmatic, about the benefits of mushrooms, both powdered and wild. “Studies show functional mushrooms provide essential nutrients, support the brain, promote gut health, encourage healthy skin, support environmental well-being and a balanced immune system to help with all of these challenges,” he says.

Certain strains of mushrooms are better at certain things; for instance, chaga helps boost the immune system, and reishi can help with anxiety and sleep.

“Mushrooms become more bioavailable when extracted with hot water, alcohol and/or lipids (fats). So if you’re eating fresh mushrooms, remember to prepare them with heat and lipids to reap the most benefits,” he adds.

Apparently, you can add a dash of this magic powder to just about anything—booze, coffee, chocolate—and reap the benefits. BRB, sprinkling some mushroom powder on those doughnuts in the break room. (That’s how it works, right?)

Oh, and the best part, which Tero makes a point to mention: “You don’t need to be able to afford a foraging trip to Siberia, Japan or Finland in order to get shrooms into your life right away.” Totally, that’s where our brains went first. Not, hmmm, wonder what kind of mushrooms Trader Joe’s stocks?