6 Under-The-Radar Grocery Delivery Services That’ll Actually Save You Money

Having groceries delivered to your door seems like a luxury—the kind that causes your family to incessantly mock you for how “extra” and “LA” you’re being (spoken from experience). Well, joke’s on them, because it can actually save you money in the long run. First off, buying online helps you avoid the siren call of ice cream/cheese/cookies/whatever junk food you’re tempted to pluck off the shelf when you shop hungry. (Side note: Is there a person alive who has actually gone to the grocery store while not hungry, or is that an urban legend?) Essentially, this method cuts down on impulse buys and food waste. Plus, many of the services we’re about to list sell items at a discount—that’s what we call a win-win. Here, the under-the-radar, budget-friendly grocery delivery services to try now.


The Best Under-The-Radar Grocery Delivery Services

Imperfect Produce

If you live in California and you aren't on the Imperfect Produce bandwagon, you're seriously missing out. This feel-good delivery service sources "ugly" produce that grocery stores won't buy—but is totally fine to eat—and sells it in bundles at a discount.

That means you get high-quality fruits and veggies at a fraction of what you'd pay at the grocery store, and you're helping cut back on food waste.


If you hate going to Costco but love the discounts and in-store samples, Boxed is for you. It brings the whole bulk shopping process online—free stuff included—so you don't have to battle the crowds and flash a membership card just to get a deal.

An array of lifestyle, beauty, cleaning and groceries (including La Croix, holla) are delivered right to your door.


High-quality meat and poultry tends to come at a high cost. ButcherBox aims to make grass-fed beef and organic, free-range chicken more accessible across the country.

All its meat is sourced from a collection of producers who emphasize quality and animal welfare. Choose from boxes of beef, chicken and pork that contain between 7 and 11 pounds for $129, so each serving averages about $6.

Peapod And Instacart

Peapod and Instacart are like UberEats for groceries. If you're in one of the areas they serve, they'll send someone to select local stores (think: Whole Foods, Ralph's, etc.) to shop your list.

Simply add your specific items from what's available in stores and choose a delivery time—sometimes within the hour!

Thrive Market

Okay, so maybe this one isn't quite under the radar, but our list wouldn't be complete without Thrive Market.

It offers a bevy of healthy foods and natural products (from beauty to cleaning) at wholesale prices—plus, each membership sponsors a free membership for a low-income family.