Here’s Exactly What Kayla Itsines Eats In A Day

A quick scroll through fitness sensation Kayla Itsines’ Instagram is enough to make you actually hit the gym after work (seriously, those abs!). There’s a reason she’s amassed almost 7 million Instagram followers and a legion of BBG devotees (BBG is her fitness program, Bikini Body Guide, for the uninitiated). Not only is she insanely strong and toned, the transformations she posts of her program-followers are insanely inspiring. But working out is only part of getting healthy and in shape, so when she spilled exactly what she eats in a day to Shape , we listened.

Breakfast: According to the magazine and her Instagram account, a normal breakfast consists of toast, eggs, avocado and green veggies (think spinach or kale).

Snack 1: Fruit (she’s partial to mangos)

Lunch: She likes complex carbs to keep her energy up, so for lunch she’ll have a wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomato and homemade Greek garlic sauce.

Snack 2: More protein, in the form of tuna salad. She’ll also have another piece of fruit.

Dinner: Avgolemono, a Greek soup made of chicken stock with rice and lemon. She’s also a fan of veggie-heavy stir-fries, according to her pics.