10 Fitness Instagrammers To Follow Now

We’d like to kindly remind you that working out is about a whole lot more than prepping for “bikini season” (does that phrase make anyone else cringe?). Staying fit means better health, deeper sleep, improved mood, elevated libido and greater self-confidence. But, to be totally honest, it often takes a visual reminder to drag our desk butts to the gym. Like many of you, we turn to Instagram for everything from breakfast ideas to shopping inspo, so of course when it comes to working out, we’ve got a list of go-to feeds that regularly provide incentive to become a healthier version of ourselves. Here, 10 of our favorites.


Heather Andersen

As the founder and program director of New York Pilates (Emma Roberts is among the growing list of cool-girl devotees), Heather curates a feed of quickie videos from inside her beautifully minimal studios that show off her impressive flexibility and strength. Her graceful moves make us want to hit up a reformer ASAP.


Mary Helen Bowers

The Ballet Beautiful creator—who's trained stars like Natalie Portman and Gigi Hadid—lets us live out our childhood ballerina fantasies through her gorgeous leaps and arabesques both in and out of her NYC studio.


Hannah Bronfman

We don't know what we love more on the fitness-filled feed of this multi-hyphenate (DJ, Beautified co-founder, entrepreneur, Adidas muse): her daily matcha, her Moroccan wedding photos or her impressive gym selfies from workouts like ModelFit, dance class, boxing and indoor cycling.


Jen Selter

We're just gonna go ahead and assume that a majority of this workout warrior's 11.4 million followers gravitated to her 'gram because they're as amazed by her perfectly sculpted booty as we are. Thankfully, Jen shows us a few of her favorite ways to keep it high and tight (spoiler alert: lots of squats and leg lifts).


Massy Arias

The health coach and fitness fanatic takes her 2-million-plus followers into her hard-core workouts (think weight lifting and high intensity interval training), including the ways she stayed active during pregnancy and how she toned up postpartum. Bonus: Her Instagram often features her seriously adorable baby girl, Indi.


Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

The Tone It Up duo's (free!) daily workout videos have helped us out many a time when we weren't motivated to head to the gym, but their Instagram game also provides quick healthy meal ideas, before-and-after fitness transformations and do-them-anywhere toning exercises. Plus Karena and Katrina's admirably fit figures and cute activewear ensembles give us constant goals.


Robin Arzon

Pretty much the only time running seems tolerable (dare we say cool?) is when this athlete/fitness author/former lawyer does it. Whether on the streets or in the gym, Robin's badass workouts make us want to get into beast mode.


Dana Arnold

We already knew yoga could make us feel calmer and more connected to our bodies, but seeing the Acrosprout co-founder's impressive partner poses with boyfriend Nicholas Coolridge make it seem downright sexy. Where do we sign up?


Faya Nilsson

The Swedish blogger's feed shows her running, stretching and jumping all over the globe, but Faya also shares beautiful and healthful meals with her 125,000 followers.


Anna Victoria

This personal trainer has an unbelievable body, but her massive following can largely be credited to her refreshing transparency (she's not afraid to show you her belly bloat or the occasional indulgent meal) and her thoughtful, motivational captions.