The One Thing LA Girls Do For A Less-Stressful Morning

by Stephanie Montes

If there’s one thing you should know about the LA working girl, it’s that she typically sits in her car every morning ridden with anxiety over her morning commute. While we can’t change the flow of traffic (trust us, we’ve tried), we can change how we react to crowded streets and packed highways. So, to avoid even more meltdowns, we tapped Joshua Peña of Transform Within Yoga Studio for his best meditation tricks that you can do in traffic. This one goes out to anyone who commutes on four wheels.


Set A Goal

"Meditating is great for everyone. Start by setting an intention of what you would like to receive from your meditation. This is a great way to get your mind to focus on something that you would like to manifest or achieve."


See Traffic As A Win

"Mindful driving can help you focus on the present and let go of stress and distractions. Getting stuck in traffic is something that no one finds any pleasure in, but if we can switch our mindset to looking at traffic as a blessing instead of a curse, we can actually reprogram our mind to react differently. If we tell ourselves that being stuck in traffic is just a time for us to slow down, be mindful and think about our day, we will subconsciously take this time to recharge our body and mind, instead of inflicting stress. We begin to take control of our emotions by becoming aware of our reactions."


Focus On Breathing

"Before driving, set the intention to be relaxed, focused and anchored on the present during your commute. Take 12 deep breaths before starting your car. While driving, focus on your heartbeat and allow the vibration to pass through your body. Taking the time to relax, connect and listen to your breath can change your outlook on traffic. It also keeps your body, mind and spirit healthy."


Associate Colors With Good Vibes

"A simple technique is to focus on the lights and colors that we see while we are in the car. While driving, if you find yourself approaching traffic and a sea of red tail lights, instead of going into panic mode, mentally connect to the color red. This is the color of the base chakra, which keeps us grounded in our individuality, actions and thoughts. This energy helps us make good decisions and keep a level head. See the color red as a time for you to ground into the Earth and the green light as a sign for you to go and to carry along your path peacefully."


Take Your Time

"Ten minutes is a great amount of time to meditate in traffic. If you find your mind racing, that's okay. Give yourself a little extra time to practice calming your emotions and thoughts, then start with a clear mind."

We tried meditating in Chevrolet’s all-new 2018 Equinox and we never felt more relaxed in traffic.


Don't Immediately Write It Off

"Meditating is only as effective as the individual will allow it to be. Not believing in the benefits will only hinder the connection to the greatest version of yourself."