How To Be Healthy This October

While we thoroughly enjoy feasting our eyes on fall fashion and restocking our beauty arsenal with new goodies, there are other practices we ascribe to that help us look and feel our best. This, of course, extends to many things beyond the bounds of what we write on this site, but with the intent to participate in (and further) the ever-evolving conversation on wellness, we’re excited to start sharing some of the products, workouts, habits, et al. that are helping us reach our happiest, healthiest potential. Here, our picks for October.


Got Health?

Courtesy of Health-Ade Kombucha

Drink Kombucha

"A couple months ago, I started drinking kombucha several times a week to improve my digestion. I’ve made an effort to switch out my afternoon coffee for a bottle of Health-Ade (my fave brand with the best flavors!) and have noticed a positive change in how I feel. I crave sugar much less when I really stick to it, which is pretty amazing."

— Kristi Mikesky, Features Editor

The Zoe Report

Listen To A Wellness Podcast

"Instead of listening to my tired old playlists during a hike or my morning commute, I've been streaming That's So Retrograde, a podcast that covers a range of wellness topics with a humorous bent. Some recent favorite guests of the show have been holistic health coach Elissa Goodman, beauty blogger Alexis Wolfer and actress/activist Sophia Bush—though I find every episode to be thoroughly entertaining, informative and worth a listen!"

— Kristi Mikesky, Features Editor


Hit Up A Sound Bath

"I'm obsessed with sound baths. I don't fall asleep during them, but afterwards it feels as though I've taken a long and restful nap. I would attend one every day if I could! The Integratron just north of Joshua Tree (pictured above) is always amazing. If you're in LA, House of Intuition and The Den offer them as well."

— Erin Nicole, Lifestyle Editor

Sol Water

Supercharge Your Tap Water

"This refillable water bottle by SOL Water is super intriguing to me because it promises to stimulate metabolism, reduce stress and fight insomnia—among other things. Leave the bottle in direct sunlight for 12 hours to filter and change the chemistry of your water (with help from the blue-colored glass). It's all very scientific and while I haven't been using it long enough to see real results, it is forcing me to drink more water and that is magic in itself (I'm notorious for not drinking enough!)."

— Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

Eliminate Toxins With Charcoal

"I love charcoal in any and every form—ingestible, topical, etc. After a few cocktails, taking a charcoal pill with water before bed helps the body process the 'poison' aka alcohol and results in a much more pleasant morning-after. It has a similar effect in beauty products, absorbing and ridding the skin of toxins."

— Nicky Deam, Editorial Director