5 Products You Need To Remove From Your Pantry ASAP

Your pantry may be a magical place where snacks live, but it’s also a danger zone if you’re embarking on a mission to get healthier. So we turned to Pamela Salzman, LA-based holistic health counselor, celebrity cooking instructor and author of Kitchen Matters, to get her take on the common items you should banish from your shelves. In other words, grab a garbage bag and get moving.


Toss These 5 Things

"They are not natural, are super-acid-forming to the body, can cause your metabolism to slow down and are proven not to aid in weight loss."

"Almost all cereals are heavily processed in a way that destroys nutrients and essential fatty acids that might have been present. Many cereals are also loaded with GMO ingredients, sugar and preservatives."

"These terms are a red flag. Beware of these packaged foods, which aren't real food but rather a bag of refined carbs, sugar, preservatives, chemicals and other additives that will work against good health."

"Canola oil is a bad oil, full of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats. It is usually genetically modified and always refined, making it a bottle of free radicals."

"Since salt is something used in almost every meal, it should be the best possible. As opposed to sea salt, table salt is refined of minerals and has additives to dry it out, and then it's heated to more than 1000 degrees. You'll often find dextrose and aluminum added to table salt, which is not only not good for you but also makes the salt taste metallic."