What Happened When We Ate Like Bella Hadid For 21 Days

by Coveteur

*Cue Sir David Attenborough voice* In the name of journalism, two editors embarked on one of their most tireless journeys: eating like the most beautiful and fit bodies to ever hit a runway, Bella Hadid, Georgia Fowler and Adriana Lima. It wasn’t easy, but was it worth it? Read below to find out. When I first started my career, I sacrificed myself as the in-office guinea pig for any buzzy, New Age health fad that landed in my inbox. I was relentless with the extremes I’d go to just to see what happened—and, ultimately, to write about it. But as I’ve grown in wisdom, in life and in my job, and learned what my body can and can’t handle, I’ve succumbed to a more modest and balanced approach to health. I absolutely vow never to do a juice cleanse again, never a raw diet (I actually developed an allergy while doing it—scarred for life) and the cabbage soup diet (remember that one?) was too, um, flatulent. But when I heard all the positive results Dr. Charles Passler‘s clients were having—one of his biggest fans is our very own Stephanie Mark, plus a whole Rolodex of models like Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima—I couldn’t wait to try his Pure Change Program. It was only after meeting him that I realized this could be the real thing.However, his program is intense. I’m not going to sugarcoat it (funny, nothing is sugarcoated on this plan), but it’s the perspective and one-to-one time he gives you that really makes the biggest impact. Here’s the gist: You can choose between the seven-day (Phase 1) or the 21-day (Phase 1 and Phase 2) programs. Jodi and I chose the full 21 days. We’re hardcore! Phase 1 is the most restrictive—you’re on a strict schedule, starting off your mornings with a protein shake and supplements. Two and a half hours later, you have half of your protein-packed bar; two and a half hours after that, you have your veggies from the list of Passler-approved greens (mustard or lemon are your only seasoning options) and another packet of supplements; repeat that cycle one more time for dinner, and take your probiotics and magnesium before bed. Phase 2 is similar to the above, with the addition of healthy fats (avocado!) and proteins like fish, eggs and chicken, and switching up your shake formulas. All throughout the program, you practice your breathing, sleep from 10pm to 6am (and get up on the first alarm—a Dr. P mandate), drink tons of water and try to really evaluate the situations that are causing you stress. Because Dr. Passler attests you’re likely not going to make good decisions if you’re in a bad mental state. To read more about everything we experienced during our 21 days of eating like Bella Hadid, visit Coveteur.