The Antiaging Diet, According To Wellness Girl Bosses

We don’t know about you, but many of the anti-aging treatments du jour frighten us. We’re not opposed to trying them out at some point, and we know better than to never say never, but in the meantime we think it’s wise to figure out how we can best prevent or postpone the signs of aging the au naturel way. To aid us in this endeavor, we tapped Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, founders of our favorite healthy meal-delivery company, Sakara Life (they make Watermelon Jerky and Chocolate Probiotics, people!), to let us in on their secrets to a forever-young diet. Here, five foods they say you should up your intake of ASAP.


The Fridge Of Youth

"Hydrating foods—think fresh fruits and veggies with a high water content, like tomatoes, cucumbers, melon and romaine lettuce—provide deep, sustained hydration for your cells, plumping them up and creating a smooth, even and ageless complexion. Focusing on hydrating whole foods has completely changed our skin!"

"Research has found that eating lots of plant foods, especially leafy greens, improves circulation and brightens the skin, giving you a healthy, youthful glow! Plus, the fiber in fruits and vegetables helps prevent blood sugar spikes, which can damage collagen and ultimately cause wrinkles. Eating your greens is our #1 rule for overall health and wellness, and for getting that Sakara glow."

"Your microbiome (the trillions of bacteria in and on your body that can weigh up to six pounds!) controls everything from your immunity to your moods to your skin. When bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria in the gut, you end up with widespread inflammation, which shows on the skin in the form of acne and dullness. Eating lots of plant foods—including fermented foods!—and taking a high-quality probiotic supplement (like Sakara’s Daily Probiotic Blend) will help you build a diverse, thriving gut microbiome."

"Plant foods get their bright colors from the phytochemicals they contain. Many of these nutrients are antioxidants, which fight DNA damage caused by oxidative stress and help keep you looking youthful and vibrant. By eating foods with a variety of rich hues, you are ensuring you're flooding your body with all the nutrients you need."

"Fatty acids are necessary for healthy cell membranes, balanced blood sugar and soft, bright skin. High-quality omegas also keep hair and nails healthy. Find them in nuts, seeds, avocado and oils."

"Eating clean will help give you youthful, beautiful skin from the inside out. Dry brushing and sweating it out regularly in an infrared sauna will help from the outside in by exfoliating your skin and speeding up the detoxification process. HigherDose in NYC and Shape House in LA are our favorite places to escape, sweat and glow."