The Workout Gear Our Editors Are Obsessed With Right Now

Los Angeles is one of the biggest health and wellness hubs in the world; there’s a buzzy juice shop on nearly every corner and always a new workout (with a celebrity trainer, natch) popping up. Our editors aren’t immune to the city’s penchant for working out, and between us we have yogis, CrossFitters, Runyon Canyon hikers and everything in between. Each month, we’re sharing the workout gear we absolutely must have. Here, our top fitness picks for August.


Editors' Fitness Picks

Alo Yoga

"These are not only super comfy, but they also keep everything looking and feeling tight and right. My love handles look nonexistent ... if only I could live in yoga pants."

—Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media


"My tatas aren't the biggest, but I have recently discovered how much better my body feels during a workout when they're properly supported thanks to Lululemon's newest sports bra, the Enlite bra. It feels like you're wearing nothing and looks that way too, as it's entirely seamless."

—Laura Lajiness, Fashion Editor


"These leggings are so comfortable to work out in. The shaped fit looks sleek and keeps everything in place even if I'm running around. The mesh panels keep me cool, and I never feel too hot in them."

—Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

Sweaty Betty

"These oxblood leggings are legitimately amazing; even though they look pretty, they hold up during an intense CrossFit workout. I love the details, like the wet look on the front and the mesh paneling on the side. Plus, the 7/8 length is perfect for my 5'3" frame."

Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor


"Obsessed with APL and their high-performance running shoes. They're really light, really stable and did I mention, really pretty?"

—Tom Balamaci, General Manager


"I had a really bad habit of paying too much attention while on the treadmill or elliptical. In order for me to actually get a decent cardio session in, I now use this armband to stay focused and actually enjoy the music I'm playing."

—Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

Lisa Says Gah

"Hipster activewear? Yes, please. I will most likely wear this to 'hike,' aka walk around slowly while gossiping with friends."

—Erin Bunch, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Beyond Yoga

"God bless the high-waisted (read: tummy-tucking) legging, and bless Beyond Yoga for producing them in its super-soft and breathable Supplex-Lycra blend. They truly feel like a second skin."

—Kristin Mahler, Graphic Designer


"Nothing beats my Beats during a nice workout. With their comfort and noise-canceling quality, I can spend hours on the elliptical or weight bench losing myself to tunes and sometimes even forget I'm at the gym."

—Samantha McDonald, News Editor


"I'm in desperate need of a new pair of running shoes, even though I don't run that much. These have such a cool design without being obnoxious, and they're still functional for a light jog or a workout class."

—Lauren Black, Content Analyst

Alo Yoga

"If I'm working out, you better believe I'm going to look cute while doing it. This fitted jacket is super flattering and comfortable, and the bright white makes just the right amount of a statement."

—Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Manager, Partnerships & CRM


"A small part of me has always wanted a tracksuit."

—Christian David, Art Director