5 Crazy-Easy Ways to Detox From Saturday Night

by The Zoe Report

Can we all agree that waking up after a big night out is just the worst? Luckily, you don’t have to embark on some insane cleanse or extreme elimination diet to get back on track after dancing until dawn. According to Alyssa Rasul, Wellness Director at Circuit of Change in New York, you can even use the downtime to prep your mind and body for the season ahead. “The end of winter is a great time to reset the system, eliminate toxins, and restart healthy habits that may have gotten lost during the holidays and in the cold months that follow,” she explains. “Just start with very small changes. That way, you’re setting yourself up for something you can easily achieve.”

Below, Rasul’s 5 favorite ways to quickly reboot right now.

1. Meditate

Photo: @circuitofchange.

"Taking just five minutes to sit in silence before checking your phone or email in the morning will set the tone for your whole day," advises Rasul. "Focus on nothing but your breath, deeply inhaling and exhaling through your nose."

2. Scrape

Copper Tongue Scraper, $4.

"A tongue scraper is an everyday detox tool that will change your life," says Rasul. "It's cheap, portable, and removes toxins. It also helps improve digestion and boosts immunity—so important during cold and flu season."

3. Hydrate

Bkr water bottles, $30 (ea). Photo: @thezoereport.

"Sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget to drink water when the thermostat dips. "Often times we think we are hungry or tired, but we're really just thirsty," Rasul says. "When you're feeling low energy, try downing a large glass of room temperature water before reaching for caffeine."

4. Move

Photo: @circuitofchange.

A daily sweat is ideal, even it's just a short walk or a gentle yoga class. "Getting the positive endorphins flowing will help you stay inspired to accomplish your daily goals."

5. Juice

Photo: @circuitofchange.

"Add one green juice or smoothie to your day—they're so nourishing." Plus, according to Rasul, drinking one is an easy way to feel instantly virtuous, which might just keep you motivated when you're tempted to skip your Sunday morning bootcamp for mimosas."