I Drank Collagen For 21 Days And This Is What Happened

by Coveteur

Roughly a month ago, a box filled with white bottles bearing the name Skinade landed on my desk. Up until this point, my knowledge of the brand and these bottles was pretty minimal. What I knew: Skinade is a collagen beverage meant to improve the elasticity in your skin, among other things like reducing fine lines. The discussion around collagen has been present in the beauty world for quite some time now, and while our bodies naturally produce this protein, they do so less and less the older we get (go figure). “Collagen is not just good, it is an essential and accounts for 75% of youthful skin, forming the main structural element of the skin in the collagen matrix in the dermis,” Louise Marchesin, CMO of Skinade, explained to me. “The collagen matrix is responsible for skin support, firmness, elasticity, hydration and the constant production of new skin cells.” That information was enough to get me chugging a Skinade bottle every morning with my breakfast. I decided to test it out for the next three to four weeks.While the size of the bottle threw me off at first (it’s a small bottle that is about half the size of a regular water bottle), I got over it—almost as quickly as I got used to the taste. To be honest, I expected it to taste much worse than it did mainly because the drink is bright yellow, but it actually tasted kind of sweet with only a very light lingering taste. It kind of tasted like Emergen-C, and smelled like it, too. Curious as to how the drink actually worked, I turned to Louise for more info. “The magic of Skinade happens when all the ingredients work together—the collagen is the hero, but it would be nothing without a cast of ingredients to support it,” she told me. “Skinade works as a feedback mechanism, designed to trigger a physiological response in our bodies. As the collagen peptides are absorbed into the bloodstream, it prompts a wound-healing response. This response triggers fibroblast activity, our own collagen factories, specifically in the skin as Skinade contains collagen type one and three, most abundant in the skin.” In other words, the beverage causes your body to start producing more collagen. It took me a few weeks to notice a difference from the extra collagen being produced in my body, but about 15 days in I began to notice my skin had more of a dewy look and a little more bounce. The drink is also offered in travel form—a small pack of a gel-like substance you add to half a glass of water when on the go. To read the full article visit Coveteur.