This Is The Day You Should Shop At Whole Foods If You Want To Save Money

We have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods. On one hand, it’s a mecca for all things healthy; on the other, it’s notoriously pricey—like, $8-bundles-of-asparagus, weep-when-you-check-your-bank-account pricey. Le sigh.

But thanks to an interview PopSugar did with a current Whole Foods employee, we now know the best day to score major deals. According to said employee, we should shop at Whole Foods on Wednesday, because that’s when their sales cycle turns over—meaning there are double the sales happening. We repeat: Double. The. Sales. (Just think of all the gluten-free sprouted bread you can buy!) Sure, Wednesday isn’t exactly the most convenient day of the week to go grocery shopping, but the lure of reduced-cost bone broth and carrageenan-free almond milk is too strong to resist.

Intrigued as we are? Read the full interview here.