Every It Girl Is Trying This Fitness Trend—Here’s Why You Should Too

Models, It girls and Victoria’s Secret Angels have been setting aside their two-pound Pilates weights and picking up boxing gloves instead. Why? According to Michael Olajide, Jr., Aerospace cofounder, co-owner and celebrity trainer (he’s also a former number-one-ranked middleweight boxer), there are a variety of reasons: “It tones their core, they don’t get bulky or increase size, they can get in shape faster than any other exercise and they de-stress and leave with a fighter’s high.” Throw in the über-cool boxing studios popping up everywhere lately, and we’re 100% convinced to give this workout a go. Here, where to get your sweat on.

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Matty Chatburn/Aerospace


This NYC-beloved boxing studio recently opened up a second location in Los Angeles. The sleek studio offers a variety of classes suited for both beginners and more advanced athletes—and it offers sparring so you can test your skills against a human opponent, not just a bag.

Cost: $25 per class

Locations: LA, NYC


The Dog Pound

Boxing classes are capped at 12 people at this ultra-cool Manhattan gym, so you get lots of personal attention. A combo of throwing punches (with an emphasis on good form) and drills like jumping rope and burpees make up the grueling repertoire.

Cost: $34 per class

Location: NYC



This just-opened studio in West Hollywood has quickly become our go-to. The classes focus on form and technique before building up the intensity, and you leave drenched in sweat and, quite honestly, feeling like a badass. Don't forget to snap a pic in the ultra-photogenic boxing ring (complete with selfie-ready lighting, because obviously).

Cost: $30 per class

Location: Los Angeles



The studio itself is an Instagram waiting to happen, but don't let the cool decor fool you—the workout is absolutely killer. You toggle between two stations: the bag and strength-training. Instructors are encouraging and, like any self-respecting boutique fitness studio, the playlists are fire.

Cost: $20 per class

Location: NYC



This intense full-body workout spans 45 minutes and will have you on your butt at the end (but like, in a good way). The class consists of shadowboxing, bag work and body-weight exercises.

Cost: $34 per class

Location: NYC


Overthrow Boxing Club

This boxing gym is to the other boutique studios what a CrossFit box is to Equinox—that is to say, it's a little more rough and tumble, less polished. The space is just plain cool and pays tribute to the history of the building it's in. Oh, and the classes—they're intense, but you'll leave feeling amazing.

Cost: $99 for three classes

Location: NYC


Three different classes are offered at this West Hollywood studio—Sweat (for all levels), Super Sweat (for the more advanced) and Spar (sparring in the ring). Polished decor and a welcoming staff make the studio especially great for beginners or people who haven't worked out in a while.

Cost: $28 per class

Location: Los Angeles


Box Union

The studio is located right by the beach in Santa Monica, so at least you’re greeted with stunning views when you stumble out of the dimly lit classroom in a muscle-fatigue-induced haze. Seriously, though, the classes are so fun.

Cost: $30 per class

Location: Los Angeles