The Best Workout For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Coveteur

Even after years of hitting the gym, finding a workout you love can be a rare accomplishment. Do you hate cardio but love weight training? Or are you more of a dance cardio person? Even better, what really motivates you to get fit? Just as every astrological sign has likes and dislikes, yours can also reveal your ideal workout. Read on to find out your go-to form of exercise (and bonus points for reading up on your rising and Mars signs).


Since your sign is ruled by angsty Mars, you’re going to want a workout that helps you channel your aggression. Mars was the Roman god of war, so take a page from his book and try something with a martial arts take. You’ll be a natural in the boxing ring. No matter what you do, you excel when you’re working to best your competition. Nothing feels quite as good as victory, even if it’s just against yourself.


Let’s face it, Taurus—you’d rather lounge in the sauna or steam room than hit the elliptical. Even if you don’t get into hard-core cardio, you’ll benefit from some basic strength training. Better yet, focus on sculpting your more sensual areas, like your glutes and waist. Your sign is known for its slow and steady pace, so whatever you do, take your time. Then reward yourself with a massage afterward. Positive reinforcement goes a long way for you.


With mile-a-minute Mercury as your patron, you need a workout that moves as fast as you do. Spin class gives you the perfect opportunity to burn off some of your nervous energy. Or hop on the stationary bike and listen to one of your favorite podcasts during your workout. Trying to mute your thoughts with yoga or meditation isn’t really your thing. Instead, choose a form of exercise that keeps them engaged.


As the zodiac’s homebody, going to the gym isn’t your style. You do your best workouts at home, where you feel comfortable with your surroundings. You’ll be surprised what kind of results you can get with a few free weights and a great pair of trainers if you actually remember to use them. Cancer rules food, so supplementing your new fitness regimen with a good diet is absolutely essential.

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