The Latest Workout Trend Can Be Done In Your Living Room

Have you ever splurged on a gym membership, promising yourself that you’d totally go, and then realized a month later that you’d really just wasted your money? Yeah, us too. Sometimes the act of physically getting yourself to the gym is the hardest part of working out. That’s where online fitness classes come in. Yes, working out from home isn’t exactly new (hello, Jane Fonda VHS tapes), but this year we’re seeing a surge in the online fitness market. Boutique fitness studios, previously only available in areas like Los Angeles and New York, are adding streaming services to their portfolios. (Case in point: LA-fave modelFIT just launched their own streaming service.) And other streaming sites, like recently-launched Obé, promise the boutique class feel—minus the actually leaving your house part.

However, there is a caveat: online classes won’t work for everyone, because some people need the group class motivation. However, if you’re cool working out solo, you may find yourself even more motivated to work up a sweat.

Basically, we’re predicting that online fitness classes are going to be huge this year. Keep reading to see the benefits of this exercise trend, plus our favorite streaming services.


Internet Sensation

Some days you want to talk to people. Other days (like the ones that end in "y") you would rather not have any human interaction.

Online streaming classes are available on basically any device—from your television to your smartphone to your tablet—so you can do them virtually anywhere. This also makes them idea to use when you're traveling.

Online classes give you the flexibility to try the workouts you're too embarrassed/intimidated/not willing to brave Los Angeles traffic to do. And the options are seemingly endless (more on our favorite workout streaming platforms in a moment).

From boutique fitness classes to cycling to yoga, you can find just about any kind of workout.

Like, a lot cheaper. Most cost less than $20 a week (that's less than the cost of one class at a boutique studio), and there are also plenty of free options.

Online Fitness Classes We Love

Here are our favorite online fitness classes.



Try it if: you enjoy both dancing and cardio (and occasionally trampolining).

What it is: LEKfit is one of LA's hottest workouts (Busy Phillips is a devotee), but classes are notoriously hard to get into. The streaming options gives you access to the full body-sculpting dance cardio and trampolining classes. If you don't have time for the full 50 minute class, mini workouts are also available.

Cost: $19.99/month



Try it if: you want a class that targets small muscle groups (and has a killer playlist).

What it is: Previously, you could only take modelFIT classes at the boutique fitness studios two locations (West Hollywood and SoHo). With the launch of their streaming service, you can now experience the body-sculpting, muscle-toning workouts from anywhere in the country. And each class comes with a great playlist (because a boutique fitness class is only as good as the song selection).

Cost: $19.99/month


Tone It Up

Try it if: you like to work out, but you also like wine.

What it is: BFFs Karena and Katrina have hundreds of workouts for every fitness level — plus their site offers recipe ideas and healthy living tips. Plus, they fully advocate for having that glass of rosé.

Cost: Free


Ballet Beautiful

Try it if: you feel like you missed your calling as a ballerina (or just simply want ballerina-lithe legs).

What it is: A program designed by Mary Helen Bowers, a former dancer (she also trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan).

Cost: Workouts from $5; unlimited access for $39.99/month


ClassPass Live

Try it if: you live for HIIT (but hate group classes)

What it is: Intense, fat-torching classes led by New York's hottest trainers. The workouts are streamed live from a studio in Brooklyn, but you can also watch recorded versions.

Cost: $10/month if you are a ClassPass member; $15/month if you aren't



Try it if: you like to switch up your routine.

What it is: This streaming service offers a multitude of fitness classes, including yoga, bodyweight training, bootcamp-style classes and kickboxing.

Cost: $9.99 for one month; $26.99 for three months; $99.99 for 12 months