Artificial Sweeteners Are Officially Linked To Weight Gain, Says Science

Here’s some news to make your Monday even more ugh-worthy: A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has determined pretty definitively that artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain—not weight loss. In case you were hoping this was just some one-off study of 40 people, we’ve got more bad news for you: It looked at 37 studies and more than 400,000 people over ten years, which means it’s quite comprehensive. The research found that people who regularly consumed artificial sweeteners (think one or more Diet Cokes a day) had a higher risk of obesity, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

The researchers make a point to say that while weight gain and artificial sweeteners are linked, that doesn’t necessarily mean artificial sweeteners are the cause. However, add this to other research that suggests they can mess with your body’s ability to judge how much you’re eating and increase fat storage—and the case for artificial sweeteners is looking pretty grim. As Liz Lemon would say, blerg.