5 Apps That Make You A More Productive Person

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There’s seriously nothing better than the accomplished feeling that comes from checking off another item on your to-do list. But for some of us, that ever-growing list can seem daunting (especially at noon on a Friday), making you want to curl up in a ball and hide from everything on your plate at the office or at home. But before you let your anxiety get the best of you, try one of these apps programmed to help you get it all done without breaking a sweat. Here, our favorites that will get your head back in the game and your productivity levels soaring.


As if the name weren't obvious enough, Productive makes you the master of your own life by keeping track of your daily habits, which sets you up to build a routine. Whether it's working out, flossing your teeth or even calling your mom, up to five tasks can be tracked free, showing you how many times you've successfully completed them. For just a few dollars, you can track an unlimited number and set up a seriously scheduled daily regimen.

Day One Journal

We've all heard the benefits of journaling, but how often do we have pen and paper at our fingertips when we need them? What we do constantly have is our phone, and Day One allows us to jot down daily reflections with ease. One study asserts that daily journaling boosts immune cells, having a beneficial impact on your well-being and therefore allowing you to be more productive. This app will definitely help with that. Just enter your thoughts (add a photo and location if you like) at any time and keep those good vibes coming all day.


Though this app is web-based, it's one of the best work productivity tools. RescueTime tracks your online activity, and when put in Focus Mode, blocks certain distracting sites and messages (cough, Facebook, cough). After a period of time, it shows you a graph of the sites you frequent most, revealing exactly how you utilize your eight-hour workday. Procrastinators, you just met your match.


How many times have you wished you had your best friend along to give you words of encouragement when you really need them? Now you can have your own personal cheerleader with this app that sets off motivational sayings. With phrases like "Don't wish for it, work for it" and "Don't give up," it sends you reminders throughout the day to keep pushing toward success.


As women, we have a ton on our plates. As go-getters of all sorts (executives, managers, moms), etc., there's never a time (even in our downtime) when we're not thinking of what comes next. Cozi keeps it all together for you. Voted "must-have app" by the Today show, it's perfect for anyone who needs a literal life organizer. It keeps track of your appointments, shopping lists, chores and even recipes in one convenient place. Here's to getting it done.