A Wellness Guru’s Cure for a Hangover

by Suzanne Hall

I love my kelp noodles, kale salads and fermented foods. However—in the interest of full disclosure—this story was inspired by a recent late night out that included less salad and more dirty martinis than I’d originally planned. Let’s be honest: Late nights happen. And when they do, most of us are left with the proof written across our face, thanks to extra inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. This is exactly the kind of beauty concern best addressed with a full-spectrum approach: pair concealer (I love Onomie’s new brightening version) and ice-cold under-eye patches (Skyn Iceland’s are the best) with wellness protocols that pack a punch. Here, a few wellness tools I rely on for the morning after a night out.

Suzanne Hall is the Editorial Director of The Chalkboard Mag, A Guide To Living Well. Follow her on Instagram at @suzanne_hll.

The Jade Roller

Celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman recommends the jade roller to help de-puff and refresh skin before you dive into eyelash curling, contouring and other magical ways of hiding your indiscretions. The little gemstone roller has instant allure—you can put some elbow grease into under-eye puffiness without pulling on the skin. Roll the jadestone back and forth under and around the eyes, across the brow and beneath the jaw and cheekbones. The pressure stimulates circulation that boosts radiance, releases puffiness and helps release tension. Be warned: This can be pretty addictive. Use the roller just under the jaw and all the way down to beneath the collarbone. There are a couple of lymphnodes there that will help release energy and get your blood flowing.

Facial Acupressure

The jade roller is also perfect for targeting facial acupressure points (acupressure is just like acupuncture but without the needles)—you can use pressure to stimulate the same key points on the body. It's no surprise that in Chinese face-mapping most of the areas around the eyes are related to the kidneys and liver, the organs most stressed by late nights out.

Try this simple acupressure routine: Apply pressure with fingers or the jade roller to the inner corner of both eyebrows, the point directly between eyebrows and the temples on either sides of your eyes for 15-30 seconds. Go through each pressure point and then gently roll the jade roller (or tap fingers) over your under eyes.

Ginger Juice Shots

There's nothing like a spicy dose of fresh ginger or turmeric juice to give your entire body a powerful, anti-inflammatory boost. They help reduce inflammation—not only around your eyes but throughout the joints, brain and the entire circulatory system. Both ginger and turmeric are incredible for your immunity and overall health. Knock back a shot (just like the ones that likely got you into this puffy-eyed mess in the first place) and prepare to feel the burn. The spices get to work right away— you can literally feel them warming up your bloodstream. A great option is Pressed Juicery's new vitality and immunity shots: They work both preventatively and to recover from bad behavior.