6 Ways You’re Showering All Wrong And How To Stop

by Stephanie Montes

Something as simple as showering seems easy enough, but how much do you really know about the process and how to do it correctly? From the proper water temperature to the best tools of the trade, we have the dos and don’ts of showering the right way. You may be shocked at how much you’ve (likely) been doing wrong.


Shower The Right Way

The Water Temperature Is Too Hot

Hot showers can strip the skin of its natural oils, and leave it dry and flaky. The hot temp can even make common problems like eczema worse. Aside from harming your skin, scorching water can also cause hair loss or dandruff. Instead, take short, tepid showers to prevent damaging your skin and hair.

You're Not Wearing Mud Masks While You Shower

We love a good mud mask and their oil-absorbing powers, but the truth is they can be drying if used incorrectly. The best time to indulge in one is while you shower. The steam opens up your pores, which allows the mask to give you a deeper clean, and the moisture in the air prevents it from hardening and dehydrating your skin.

You're Not Replacing Loofahs Often Enough

Washcloths and loofahs collect bacteria and grow mold that you sometimes can't see. It can spread rashes and cause dry patches, breakouts and even sores. If you use a loofah, hang it outside of your moisture-filled shower to dry completely in between uses, and replace it at least once a month. If you prefer washcloths, use a fresh one every day and throw them in the laundry every week.

You're Shaving First

If you hop in the shower and immediately grab your razor, it's time to rethink your routine. In order to get the closest shave and reduce your chances of ingrown hairs, give your legs five minutes to soak up some steam. This lets your pores open up and ensures the hair is softened, leaving you with the smoothest legs possible.

You're Using Soap

We know what you're thinking: "How else would I get clean?" Soap can actually strip skin of its natural oils, leaving it tight, dry and itchy. Instead, use a soap-free body wash to cleanse skin without drying it out.

You're Drying Off Before Moisturizing

The next time you shower, use your towel to gently pat dry to remove excess water—you don't want to be dripping wet—before applying your moisturizer. Applying lotion on damp skin helps lock in the moisture, leaving behind silky, soft skin.