5 Hacks That Make Waking Up A Lot Easier

Rising from the comfort of your bed in the morning can be a huge struggle, especially during the wintertime. (Can’t we just snuggle under our warm blankets forever?) You sluggishly drag yourself to the bathroom and attempt to start your routine with eyes half-open, feeling lethargic and frustrated. But it doesn’t have to be so painful. Here, we’ve got 5 tips that might even make you a morning person. No caffeine required.

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Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed


1. Open Your Blinds Before Going To Sleep

Bright natural light shining into your bedroom slowly signals your body, helping you get up less abruptly in the morning. Skip the sleep mask, especially if you've got an extra early wake-up call.


2. Turn Off Technology At Least 30 Minutes Before Bedtime

Blue light emitted from your phone, tablet or laptop tells your body it's not bedtime yet. Power down these devices 30 minutes to an hour before sleeping to avoid the rabbit hole of scrolling through Instagram in the dark until midnight.


3. Keep Your Phone Far From The Bedside

Placing your phone or alarm clock right next to your bed leads to the endless snoozing game. Change its location to the farthest outlet, which will force you to get out from your dangerously cozy comforter and turn it off.


4. Start The Day With Morning Stretches

Welcome the morning with simple exercises to get your body moving. Relieve tension by sitting with your legs crossed, lengthening the spine and inhaling as you reach your right arm overhead and upward. As you exhale, bring it down, and switch sides as you inhale.

5. Wash Your Face With A Mint-Infused Cleanser

There's nothing more refreshing than a splash of water on your face and an invigorating cleanser. Opt for one with mint, which will wake your senses while removing any dirt and oils from the night.