This Decor Gift Will Wow Even The Most Discerning Vintage Shoppers

Plus more unique old finds.

vintage gifts

Shopping for the holidays can feel a little, well, sad. Between the careless consumption and the constant barrage of new, pointless products, it’s enough to convince anyone to give up and skip gifting completely. If you’re feeling that way, it’s understandable — but rest assured, there is a solution to your woes. Rather than heading to your local mall this year, try giving out unique vintage gifts instead. Not only is it a more responsible (and, let’s be real, more fun) way to shop, but such unexpected pieces will inevitably put a smile on the face of the receiver.

That said, there are a few guidelines to shopping for vintage gifts that you may want to stick to in order to make things easier on yourself (and to make that person on your list a little happier). While it’s tempting to buy someone a beautiful piece of clothing, you’re usually better off sticking to lifestyle and home products unless you’re intimately familiar with the person’s sizes and style. (After all, it’s rare that you can return something that’s already been used.)

You’ll also want to have some knowledge of the person’s decor preferences or just general interests. Know they’re Bridgerton-obsessed? They’ll love a beautiful teapot or set so they can recreate tea time at home. Are they always the first to suggest post-drink martinis? Gift a set of beautiful cocktail glasses. With so much to choose from, a few parameters will help you narrow things down.

That said, there’s still a lot out there. Below, TZR has rounded up a few ideas to help you get your shopping started if you’re struggling. Keep scrolling to find 12 unique vintage decor gifts, ahead.

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