Love Aperol Spritz? Try This Equally Simple Summer Cocktail Instead

Recommended by expert mixologists.

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Pimm's Cups summer cocktails and spritzes

Lambrusco Spritz

“I love the tannic quality of the chilled red wine and how it mixes with other liqueurs. I opt for either an elderflower liqueur like St. Germian or Italicus. Don't forget a small squeeze of lemon for a hit of acidity! — Pamela Wiznitzer, Beverage Consultant Siim79/Shutterstock

Pimm’s Spritz

“In recent years people have been all about the Aperol Spritz and one of the most traditional summer drinks has long been a Pimm’s Cup. This year, try a riff on both, a Pimm’s Spritz, utilizing what we love about both drinks!” — Matt Landes, owner of Cocktail AcademyBesjunior/Shutterstock